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Hello! I was wondering if anyone could check my answers please.

From :WorldWarII posters from the national museum of American history.

According to the text the World War II poster was ideal agent for what?
A. For promoting sales of bonds and stamps in order to increase revenue
(B) for making work Aims the personal mission of every citizen
C.For pursuing w women that even factory work could be glamorous
D. For encouraging Americans to enlist in the military in support of War efforts

What does the text list and describe?
A. The text list and describe two different ways women were mobilized during World War II
B. The text list different government agents and describes how they use posters to mobilize a nation
C. The text list different World War II politics and describe their effects
(D) the text list different World War II posters and describes the purpose
3. Read this sentence from the text
The poster was an ideal agent for making war aims the personal mission for every citizen
What evidence from the text supports this statement

4 looking at the poster titled killing time is killing men based on the context of the poster and its title what message did this poster try to send workers during World War II?
A. Women could work and still be considered feminine
B. Working in factories instead of serving in the military is practical treason.
(C.)Wasting time on the job would ultimately resulting in death of American soldiers
5. What is the main idea of this text?
A. World War II posters word to use to make war aims for the personal mission of every citizen
Be the office of War information call Don specialist from the world of advertising and commercia Earth to design the posters
Idealized images of the home and Suburban life were used to draw a sharp contrast to life in the military
D. World War II posters encountered woman to take on traditionally masculine rolls in factories.

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  1. Your post doesn't always make sense. The questions are not numbered consistently, for one thing. You often misspell or use the wrong word so that the question makes no sense. From what I can tell, though, your answers seem to be okay.

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