1.what is a search engine?

A. a website that searches for specific information on the World Wide Web
B. a piece of hardware that allows your computer to search for information
C. an external device that keeps your computer running
D. a piece of software that interprets data

2. which of the following is a search engine?
A. Internet Explorer
B. Mozilla Firefox
C. Google
D. Safari

3.which of the following statements is true?
A. All search engine will provide the same results when you enter the same query.
B. All search engine use the same amount of advertisement.
C. Some search engine are also browsers.
D.Search engines often provide different results, even when you enter the same query.
4. you are researching the following question: What causes tornadoes? Choose the best query to use when searching for the answer.
A. causes NOT tornadoes
B. tornadoes OR causes
C." tornadoes causes"
D. causes - tornadoes

4 answers

  1. A

  2. thanks so much hi i got 100%

  3. hi is correct

  4. tysm @hi you are still right

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