In the definition of intercepts, it says THE y-intercept, but AN x-intercept. Sketch a graph which shows that a function could have more than one x-intercept. Explain why a fuction could not have more than one y-intercept.

How about the x-axis?
If it had two y intercepts then the line would coincide with the y-xis and have an undefine slope. Does that clairfy things?

because that's the way it goes


ok, what is 5!?
Copy and paste that into google and see what you get.
Google is a calculator too.

Thanks. I just found out it is a converter also. example
45.6 lbs/m^3 in grams/ml


After checking my first response I hope I was clear.
For the first question look at the x-axis. This is the line y=0.
For the second part, if the line coincides with the y-axis it's slope is undefined. The change in x would be 0 and we would be dividing by 0 which is not allowed.

I need serious help in math...

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  1. whats a dinition for a undefined slope

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