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1. You're going to pick up all the toys right now. [parent to a child]

2. Pick up all the toys right now.
3. __________________________
When we give commands, we can use 'be going to'.
What is the difference between #1 and #2? Would you let me know a sentence which is similar to #1?

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1 answer

  1. Command 1 sounds as if the parent has already told the child to pick up his toys one or more times, but the task still hasn't been done. This command sounds as if it's said in a tone close to anger!

    Command 2 sounds as if it may have been said before command 1, but the child didn't comply.

    For #3, you could write this: If you don't pick up your toys right now, you'll be grounded for a week without any electronic toys around. (or something like that!)

    Another could be this (said the first time and in a mild tone): Please pick up your toys now.

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