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you are given chance to be a designer of any company of your dreams and the condition is to make a description of the design process you will follow to get the two dimension art for the company about any topic of your choice. Competence criteria are as follow:

1. Choose the topic
2. List and assess possible sources of information about your topic according to their types
3. Choose the creative thinking technique that suits your topic and why is it the best
4. List all objects and their description to be on your
5. Identify any requirements to complete your work
6. Referred to graphic design elements and principles explain relationship between your objects and why to build a model
7. Identify possible challenges that both you and the company may face
8. Assess alternatives by screening affordability, concept testing and technical testing
9. Give a short description about your work to do 10. Finally, how shall you get feedbacks?

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  1. so, what have you done so far?

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