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in the figure a rario transmitting station operating at a frequency of 100 MHz has two identical coherent antennas. Antenna A is 124 m from point P and anternna B is 421 m from point P. what type of interference, destructive, constructive, or neither occurs in point P.

so the answer is saying it is constructive but i keep getting destructive. can someone help me out?

i know that with the given frequency we can find the wavelength.
so the speed of light/ frequency = 3E8/100E6 HZ

so the wavelength ends up being = 3.
Now we subtract 421m - 124 m = 297 m.
297m / 3 = 99 and i'm saying its destructive because it is odd. someone please help me out :(

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1 answer

  1. the difference in distance to the two antennas is a WHOLE NUMBER of wavelengths
    ... this means that waves arrive in phase ... constructive interference

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