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Do you think that Orwell's use of allegory rhetorically is successful?

Answer:a. I think that Orwell’s use of allegory rhetorically is successful because Animal Farm is a figurative representation of the Russian Revolution depicting what went wrong when Czarist Russia developed into communist Russia through his use of animals. The story marks the insufferable state of abused animals. Old Major’s dream put in place the basic idea of the “Communist Manifesto,” that stood for how free entrepreneurialism was dangerously insufficient.

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  1. You do not understand the novel at all, do you? To understand it requires some abstract thinking. What do the animals do, except to exchange one kind of oppression for another? One was oppression by humans, one by equally oppressive animals who also will dictate to all. While the ideals of the animals may be admirable, the result is just to trade one oppressive system for another.

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