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1. Why did Henry Briggs and other parents sue the Summerton School District?

a. They believed Black schools weren't equal to white schools, so the schools should be integrated. <---??
b. The State did not want to equalize the school work done by white and black schools.
c. they wanted to prevent the school district from integrating black and white schools.
d. the state refused to consider the question the question of school integration

2. The Briggs v. Elliot case found that......
a. schools can be segregated and do not have to be equal.
b. schools can be segregated as long as they are equal
c. schools must be integrated <--
d. busing should not be used to integrate schools

3.Brown vs. Board of Education fount that separate is NOT.
a. wrong <---
b. equal
c. preferred
d. enjoyed

4. The Southern Manifesto
a. called for integration <--
b. defended segregation
c. prohibited blacks from voting
d. attracted visitors to the south

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1 answer

  1. 1. yes
    2. yes
    3. no
    4. no

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