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Do you take in consideration that many of us work full time and are on call 24/7 as well? I am not asking for an exception, but rather, understanding. Thank you


While I do understand that you have other responsibilities...I too work full time, and teach, and go to school full time...I also expect that you make your deadlines. You will find that all of your professors are cracking down on this as it is unacceptable to be consistently late to you job, it is also unacceptable to be consistently late in your school assignments.

How can I expand this response more? Any help from anyone will be appreciated. Thank you.


Everyone has to establish priorities in their life, and organize to meet those priorties. For those things that come in second, well, they may loose. Whining about it is silly, as well as unproductive.
I had a student who came to school and slept. Reason: He worked till two a.m. each morning. Did he have to do this? No, he wanted to make payments on his car. The outcome was that he barely passed chemistry, and he spent two weeks in the hospital for multiple injuries while driving home and going to sleep. He still limps now as an adult.
So establishing priorities with one's life is essential, and organizing efficiently around those is the key. Anything else that has consequences...such as being late to class or getting f's on papers not turned in...well, they are consequences.

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