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The diameter of the Earth is approximately 7,920 miles. Given that the circumference of a circle is pi times its diameter, which statement best describes the length of a trip from Washington to Masdagascar that is approximately 8,600 miles long?

a.One fourth of the circumference of the Earth

b.Three tenths of the circumference of the Earth

c. One third of the circumference of the Earth

d.One half of the circumference of the Earth

I'm surprised that this is college level.

First, given the diameter, find the circumference of the Earth. Then compare the circumference of Earth to your 8,600-mile trip.

Why are you so surprise about this is college level but I'm still lost. Are you saying to find what's pi and then divide and then I'll get the circumference.

Thank u 4 ur help

thanks for the help

Alright, we are given the diameter = 7,920 miles. Let's use d to represent it. Let C denote the circumference of a circle. Then we know (or should since it's given) that
Let's use 3.14 for pi. Then C =3.14*7,920 =(approx.) 24,881 miles
Now if we take the distance from Washington to Madagascar over this we have
8,600 miles/24,881 miles =(approx.) .35
Now which of your proposed answers is nearest to this decimal?

thanks for the help

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