an early board game in which players moved their counter around the squares??????

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Have you investigated the Egyptian sites Bob Pursley gave you this morning? I listed them for someone else on that site.

Now, are you STILL referring to Egypt? I only ask because other countries also had board games where they moved counters around squares!

Each time you post, don't assume your other posts have been read, so clarify as best you can each time.

That might be Parchesi, or it might be Monopoly

Sorry for not including this, but I belive it starts with an "s"

Check this site.

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  1. the answer is "snake"

  2. snake

  3. its snake

  4. their is also a game called senet in which you move counters around a board and it was played in ancient egypt


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