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I need some help determining the strengths and weaknesses of these brand names.....

Girl Scout’s – Cookies- Their strength in the brand name is that they are recognized as a guide for young girls to be leaders of tomorrow, which is to empower young girls. Their brand name weakness is that ????

Hoover- Vacuum.....??

Fed Ex- Delivery service- Strenght would be ????……..Weakness is that it’s abbreviated.

Nike- Sportswear- It’strength is its associations with real athletes who wear the sneakers and clothing. It’s weakness is that they were known to employ child labor at one point in time. And they are very pricey, which counts out a certain demographic of people depending on amount of income.

Microsoft-software....????for strength and weakness....???

GS cookies...the weakness is that they can be sold only in a brief period in very early spring, and that the brand name cannot be transfered to other goods.

Hoover. Strength...stands for quality, lasting endurance, stands for pricy. Hoovers were sold door to door as a luxury for many years.

Fed Ex recognition, stands for fast delivery. Weakness is that it has limited transfer to other products.

Microsoft software: Strength...will work with the worlds most common operating system. Weakness...often needs multitude of patches over many years.

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