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I am taking an online course in physics and I need to write a short paper on Analog and digital information. Below are the questions that guide me through the paper.

I am having a hard time finding a website that can explain this to me. There is no text book with this course. Can you guide me to a reputable website? THis course has been like teaching physics to myself.
What are analog and digital information? How are they similar? How are they different? Give at least two common examples of each. How are analog and digital information transmitted? What kind of information does each transmit best? Which type easily loses part of its signal to noise, and which does not?
How are analog and digital information stored? What kinds of benefits and drawbacks come from each storage method? Discuss stability and security

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  1. hard to believe that is in a physics course, it belongs in Information Theory, or Communications Theory. But anyway, this ought to get you started:

    Stability and security: Digital is much easier to encode and hide information. It also is very adaptable to error correcting codes so that the info stays intact.

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