does anyone know where i can get a free interactive online tutor? I don't really need it all the time, I just need one for math when I'm confused. You guys all do a great job but I was wondering if anyone knows where a tutor would be. Anywhere from AIM to email. Or something?


I think it would be much safer to hire one in your area; Your instructor can probably suggest someone. Someone in your class maybe.
I don't know of any online I would recommend.

Most online tutoring services are not free of charge. But you can try math forums, like e.g. freemathhelp. We can't post link here, type the word "freemathhelp" in google to find it.

That site has the advantage that math formulas can be properly displayed...

Agreed, much better to find a recommened Tutor in your own area. You may find that there are study groups you could join?


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