A recipe for 24 cookies calls for 6 tablespoons of sugar. If you make 36 cookies and use 10 tablespoons, will the cookies taste the same? Explain

I know if 24 calls for 6 tablespoons and if the recipe is increased by 12cookies or 1/3, you will only need 9 tablespoons of sugar. I do not think it will affect the taste that much, but do not know how to explain to my teacher. Can you give some advise? Thanks

Divide 24 cookies by 6 tablespoons

24 divided by 6 = 4 cookies per tablespoon

Multiply the 4 cookies per tablespoon by 10 tablespoons

4 x 10 = 40 cookies

The amount of sugar you want to use is for 40 cookies, however you are making 36. Since you are using a bit of extra sugar, they might be sweeter,

I agree with you. Each cookie will have 1/10 of one tablespoon more than called for. I sure can't tell that minute a difference.

roxieas, that is not the question. the question is if the cookies would taste the same or not, not how much sugar is needed for 36 cookies. therefore, julie is right.

No, because they wouldn't contain the same amount of sugar per cookie

for the first recipe - 24 cookies with 6 tablespoons
thats 6/24 so 0.25 tablespoons of sugar per cookie
for the second recipe - 36 cookies with 10 tablespoons
thats 10/36 so 0.276 tablespoons per cookie
the cookies in the second recipe would be slightly sweeter than the cookies in the first

But, what if you have to use only enough sugar for 36 and not go to 40 what would then be the answer??????

Of course! I can help you explain it to your teacher.

To determine if the cookies will taste the same, we need to understand the relationship between the amount of sugar and the number of cookies.

In the original recipe, 24 cookies require 6 tablespoons of sugar. This means that each cookie contains 6/24 = 1/4 tablespoon of sugar.

Now, if we increase the number of cookies to 36, and assume the same ratio of sugar per cookie, we can calculate the amount of sugar needed. The amount of sugar needed for 36 cookies can be calculated by multiplying the ratio of sugar per cookie by the total number of cookies.

The ratio of sugar per cookie is 1/4 tablespoon. Therefore, the amount of sugar needed for 36 cookies would be (1/4) * 36 = 9 tablespoons.

However, in your case, you are using 10 tablespoons of sugar for the 36 cookies instead of 9 tablespoons. This means that you are using slightly more sugar than what the adjusted recipe calls for.

Although this slight variation in the amount of sugar may affect the sweetness and overall taste of the cookies to some extent, it is unlikely to drastically change the flavor. The taste difference will mainly depend on personal preference and how sensitive your taste buds are to sugar.

Therefore, you can explain to your teacher that using 10 tablespoons of sugar for 36 cookies instead of 9 tablespoons may lead to slightly sweeter cookies, but the overall taste should still be quite similar to the original recipe.