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For summer work i have to make a notes summary of each required book ive read..the problem is ive never heard or even seen a notes summary before and i am a visual learner can someone please send me an example of one or at least a format of how its done?

There are several ways a person can keep notes summaries (or reading journals or reading logs). Here are a couple of specific ones. The first one is my best suggestion, and I'd keep a set of notes per chapter or section or however the book is set up.

Another is to write your summary or log as if you were answering questions about the story. An example is here in this study guide for Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. [It's in PDF format, so make sure you have the latest free version of Acrobat reader installed on your computer if you want to use this one (]. Scroll down to page 4 to find the examples of reading log questions -- which are excellent types of questions to respond to in writing up notes summaries.

Please repost if you need more information.


Sorry -- I forgot to include the second web address, the one you'll need Acrobat Reader for. Here it is:


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