I have wondered this for a while. Can you guys tell what house or computer the questions come from?

Well...not REALLY. But that doesn't mean other people can't.

When you are online, your computer has an IP Address (Internet Provider Address). With that, we can track down what provider you are using to get online (like America Online or Road Runner, for example). If you are causing problems on a message board and a complaint is filed against you by the board, most places take that stuff seriously. They can look up and see who had that IP Address at that time and decide what action to take from there.

But it is often interesting to see people post questions, one after the other, with different names when it's obviously coming from the same computer (since it has the same IP address). Not a major problem, but interesting to see.

So it's not like we could look at your IP address and go to your house from that. But if problems arise that warrant us to contact your Internet Provider, they would be able to take appropriate actions to stop them.

Plus, I assume we have this board set up to where we can block people from posting if their IP address is causing serious problems on the board.

I hope I answered that well. Sometimes us techie guys get carried away in our explanations.


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  1. thanks!

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