A body accelerates from rest at 0.2m/s for one-fifth of a minute.Calculate the distance covered by the body.

I think you might mean 0.2 m/s^2

d = (1/2) a t^2
a = 0.2 m/s^2
t = 60/5 = 12 seconds

d = (1/2)(.2)(144) = 14.4 meters

d=1/2 a t^2=1/2 *.2 m/s^2 *12^2 s^2

d=14.4 m

can't you solve the question clearly.

Damon not one-fifth but 20seconds so solve again

Use this formula (s=ut+1/2at2)

That will give us 14.4m

That will give us 14.4m

A car accelerates at 2 m /s from rest for two minutes calculate the displacement after two minutes