Which accurately describes the role of British corporations in the New World and their effect on colonists’ opinions of England’s monarchy?

colonist were forced to purchase their goods only from British corporations, adding a colonial animosity toward England

corporations in the new world were given power by the king to create a fuedel system of rule, adding to colonial animosity toward England

colonist was forced to only work for English corporations in which the king of England owned shares, adding to their animosity toward England

corporations were granted complete antimony from the king of England to govern over colonists, creating feelings of gratitude toward England


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  1. No. Read your assigned reading.

  2. I mean d not c

  3. What does the mineral antimony have to do with the king? And feelings of gratitude?

  4. the answer is A

  5. Thank you Anya.

  6. The answer is not A, I just got it wrong... so it has to be "B".

  7. so is it b?

  8. the answer is A. I just used B for my answer and got it wrong. The correct answer is A.

  9. A is 100% the correct answer. Did not get the question wrong while putting that down

  10. hey what is it

  11. Dude are you guys kidding.

  12. Malia literally said that we showed gratitude towards Britain. No offense to Malia but would you want to help people who literally are not trying at all whatsoever. Malia is literally not going to learn anything if she just has all the answers given to her. I love Jiskha as a help and I googled this question because I wasn't sure between the questions that make sense but this is abusing it.

  13. Tbh I was here to find the answer but instead I see comments about sue and I was laughing until I couldn’t figure out why I came here for.

  14. yo can i just get my answer, all i get is arguing making me laugh half to death.

  15. WHATS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!

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  17. the answer is A cuz brittain was like nah america we got you in a chokehold and the colonists were like oh noooo

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