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From the information below, identify element X.

a. The wavelength of the radio waves sent by an FM station
broadcasting at 97.1 MHz is 30.0 million (3.00 X lo7) times
greater than the wavelength corresponding to the energy difference
between a particular excited state of the hydrogen
atom and the ground state.

b. Let V represent the principal quantum number for the valence
shell of element X. If an electron in the hydrogen atom
falls from shell V to the inner shell corresponding to the excited
state mentioned above in part a, the wavelength of light
emitted is the same as the wavelength of an electron moving
at a speed of 570. m/s.

c. The number of unpaired electrons for element X in the ground
state is the same as the maximum number of electrons in an
atom that can have the quantum number designations n = 2,
1 mt = -1, and m, = -- 2.

d. Let A equal the charge of the stable ion that would form when
the undiscovered element 120 forms ionic compounds. This
value of A also represents the angular momentum quantum
number for the subshell containing the unpaired electron(s)
for element X.

You need to tell us what you know about these sets of problems and how you think you should go about them. These appear to be time consuming.

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