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The population of a town is modelled by P=-0.1x^2+1.2x+4.4 where x is the number of years since the year 2000, and y is the population in thousands. 

a) In the year 2005, what is the population? 

I used the equation, put x=5 and I got 7900 as the population. 

b) In the year 1999, what is the population? 

I used the equation, put x=-1 and I got 3100 as the population. 

c) When was the population of the town the greatest? What was the 
greatest population? 

I used the vertex, (6,8). So in 2006 the greatest population was 8000 people. 

d) The town has really become a terrible place to live.Predict when all the residents will leave the town. 

How would we do this? Please help

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  1. d) the parabola opens downward ... so at some point beyond the vertex , the population (y) will go to zero (one of the "roots")

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