what is the theme of the poem two bodies ?

Whats the theme of this poem?
Two bodies face to face
are at times two waves

and night is an ocean
Two bodies face to face
are at time two stones
and night a desert

Two bodies face to face
are at times two roots
laced into night

Two bodies face to face
are at times two knives
and night strikes sparks

Two bodies face to face
are two stars falling
in an empty sky.

Poem writen by. Octavio Paz

please help

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  1. Do you have no ideas? Two bodies face to face in the night. What does that suggest? A married couple? Siblings sharing bed? They're in the same bed, but two distinctly different people? What do you think?

  2. Well I know its about two people in a realtionship who feel lonelieness

  3. Hint: each stanza tells of another dimension of a relationship.
    In the last..two stars falling implies it wont last forever, maybe even brief like shooting stars, empty sky implies to me something without much consequence. Poems such as this are painting a picture for you, just take the impressions it gives you. What I see, may not be the same as what you see. But I see the theme as a relationship with several dimensions, none of which have a lasting consequence. Why did he write it? Maybe it was a rememberance, maybe it was the vision of a friend and partner. I don't know. here are the thoughts of others, maybe they have it better. Do you own thinking, and your own impressions, you will be much better off.

  4. But I kind of want to settle on one theme and now i kind of want to find the theme so i can write my essay on explaining further things.

  5. because when I find the theme I can support the theme by using evidence from the poem , please help me find the theme

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