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Just a little stuck, can you help me out?

1.)Sales (in millions) of a company are modeled by the expression for x items produced and sold (in millions). If 4 (million)items are produced and sold, what would the sales be?

2.)The sum of four consecutive odd
integers is -336. Set up an equation AND solve for all of the integers.

Two ways to approach this.

-336/4 = -84 making the 4 consecutive odd numbers -81, -83, -85 and -87.


x + (x + 2) + (x + 4) + (x + 6) = -336

I'll let you solve for the answer.

Truth be told I have worked at this and I don't understand. I came up with x =42 but it wants me to set up an equation with all the integers. And what do you mean by and how did you get to the alternative way? I really would like to understand this please help.

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  1. This was uploaded on my 2nd bday haha

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