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On a mass of 100 kg, a force of 120 N acts right and at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal. If the coefficient of sliding friction is .1 what is the acceleration of the mass?

100N* cos30 -(100sin30+mg)(.1)= m*acceleration

does "m*acceleration mean the acceleration of the mass?"

15.425- [(-98.803 + (100)(-9.8)](.1)
15.425- (-1078.803)(.1)
and so I got 123.305 as the answer.

I also did the math in radians mode. Is this correct?

m is mass, * means multiply.

this comes from net force= mass*acceleration

The calculations are nonsense: The angles were given in degrees, sin30 means the sin of thirty degrees, not the sin of thirty radians. Redo the calcs in degrees.SIDS

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