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Please help me because I cannot find any of these answers. Thanks

1. Justices of the Supreme Court are selected by the:
A) President
B) House of Representatives
C) Senate
D) American Bar Association

2. The number of judges on the Supreme Court is determined directly by the:
A) Supreme Court
B) President of the United States
C) Attorney General of the United States
D) Congress of the United States

3. Treaties are approved by:
A) the Senate
B) the House of Representatives
C) a joint meeting of the Senate and House
D) a conference committee of the two houses

4. The ceremonial head of the United States is the:
A) President
B) Vice-President
C) wife of the President
D) Secretary of State

5. The final authority in the interpretation of the Constitution is the:
A) Supreme Court
B) Court of Appeals
C) the Attorney General of the United States
D) the President of the United States

6. President appointments are approved by:
A) the House of Representatives
B) the Senate
C) joint session of the House and Senate
D) none of these

7. Members of the senate serve:
A) two year terms
B) four year terms
C) six year terms
D) three year terms

8. Judges are approached to serve:
A) 10 year terms
B) a life term
C) 4 year terms
D) six year terms


9. The job of the Congress is to _______.
10. The job of the President is to ______.
11. The job of the courts is to ________.
12. Congress is made up of ________.
13. The ________ _________ allows congress to make laws to meet the changing needs of the nation.
14. The Supreme court has the power to declare laws ________.
15. The __________ is the highest law in the land.
16. The _____________ is the last court of appeal in the nation.

# 8 is supposed to say judges are appointed to serve... not judges are approached to serve.

As you might be able to tell by now, YOU need to do the work and let us know what YOU think the answers are. Then someone here will be able to give you feedback.

In addition to your textbook and a copy of the US Constitution, here are some websites that should help you:



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