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1. Read the following passage from "Another Evening at the Club."

Putting the ring away in his pocket, he bent over her and with both hands gently patted her on the cheeks. It was a gesture she had long become use to, A gesture that promised her continued security, that told her that this man who was her husband and the father of her child had also taken the place of her father who, as though assured that he had found her a suitable substitute, had followed up her marriage with his own funeral. The gesture told her more eloquently then any words that he was the man, she the woman,he the one who carried the responsibilities, made the decisions, she the one who's role it was to be Beautiful, happy, carefree. Now, though, for the first time in their life together, the gesture came like a slap in the face.
Which of the following BEST describes the relationship between Samia and her husband Abboud Bey?
A. Admiring*****
B. Concerned
C. Patronizing
D. Respectful****

2. Read the following passage from "My Father Write to My Mother."

Years went by. As my mother's ability to speak French improved, while I was still a child of no more than twelve, I came to realize an irrefutable fact: namely that, in the face of all these women folk, my parents formed a couple. One thing was an even greater source of pride in me: when my mother referred to any of the day today incidents in our village life- which in our city relatives' eyes was very backwards-The tall figure of my father-my childhood hero-seemed to pop up in the midst of all these women engaged in idle chit-chat on the age-old patio to which they were confined.

Which word best describes the speakers tone in these lines?
A. Awestruck
B. Haughty*****
C. Optimistic
D. Reverent

3. Read the following passage from "Tokyo"
From an unflattering gutter above the window the water poured in a steady stream. Onto the courtyard. It sounded like a waterfall and some for away Mountain Village.

Tsuruishi Took out a handkerchief and begin wiping Ryo's wet hair. A feeling of happiness coursed through her as she looked up at him. It was as if the rain had begun to wash away all the loneliness which had been gathered within her you year after year.

She went to see if they could get some food and in the corridor met a maid in Western cloths carrying a tea tray. After Ryo had ordered two bowls of spaghetti, she and Tsuruishi set down to drink the tea, facing each other across an empty brazier. Later Tsuruishi came and sat on the floor beside Ryo. Leaning their backs against the wall they gaze out at the darkening, rainy sky.

Which of the following BEST Describes the mood created by the situation in the setting?
A. Flirty
B. Loving*****
C. Passionate
D. Friendly

I had a lot of trouble with these 3 questions but I think #1 is either A or D but mainly A, I think #2 is C, and #3 is possibly B. If I'm wrong can someone help correct me.

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1 answer
  1. 1. Disagree. Why would she consider it a "slap in the face"?

    2. Disagree.

    3. Agree

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