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Hole digger

A 69-inch-tall worker is digging a hole. In the morning the worker's
head is a certain distance above the ground. That night the worker's
head is the same distance below the ground. Also that night the
worker's feet are twice as far below the ground as they were in the
morning. How deep is the hole that night?

Let the distance of the head above and below the ground = X. Then the depth in the morning is 69 - X and the depth in the night is 69 + X.

Assuming that the feet are at the bottom of the hole in both the morning and night, then 2(69 - X) = 69 + X. Solve for X and then add 69 to get the depth of the hole at night.

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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  1. Which labeled point on the graph represents a distance of 60 miles?which labeled point represents 3 gallons of gasoline?what does the labeled point e represent?

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