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Calculate the hydronium ion consentration and the hydroxide concentration in blood in which the PH is 7.3.

Hydronium = [H3O+] = 10-pH or [H3O+] = antilog (- pH)

and I got 1.00 x 10^7.3 for both concentrations is this correct?

ABsolutely silly. You did not do the math.

PUt this in your calculator
INVlog (-7.3)

Then, find the concentration of the OH by concentrationH+ * concentrationOH=1E-14

I can check your work if you need. You need to use a calculator on these.

I did do the math with my calculator, maybe the wrong math but I followed instructions on a website and did what I thought was right.
pOH = - log [OH-]

I don't have INVlog on my calculator I have log but that's it.

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1 answer

  1. OH-=10^(-pOH)

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