If someone has all the answers to check my answers to thatd be great.

What promise did Stalin make and break after soviet occupation of several Eastern European countries?

to give financial assistance to war-torn families**

How did president Truman guard against communist spies in America?

He made all the communist-related activities illegal in the United States**

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  1. Since I don't know what your choices are, I have no idea if your answers are the best of them or not. I do know that President Truman did not, and could not, make political activities of any kind "illegal". Communist-related activities were frowned upon, and people suspected of communist ideas were often shunned and denied employment, but never illegal, per se.

  2. For anyone looking for the answers to the Connexus pre-test
    You're welcome

  3. Jack is correct with their answers, but i would suggest intentionally getting a few wrong in order to make it appear as if you answered everything on your own. it is a pre-test after all, it doesn't count for a grade ://

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