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1. In an experiment, a man drank a litre of water, his urine output increases so that after hours he had eliminated the extra water. When he drank a litre of 0.9% of sodium chloride (common salt), there was little or no increase in his urine production. Explain the difference in this result.

2. when a dog is hurt. It hangs out it tongue and pants. why should this have a cooling effect

3. In the artificial kidney, a patient's blood is circulated through dialyses tubling immersed in a warm solution of sugar and salt. Explain how this result in the elimination from his blood of Nitrogenous waste without loss of essential glucose and salt.

4. Why is a person whose heart valves is damaged by disease unable to participate in active sport?
5. In an actively photosynthesing cell, the sugars being formed are quickly converted to starch. What is the Biological advantage of this in term of osmosis.

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