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In electrical engineering, a continuous function like f(t)=sin(t), where t is in seconds, is referred to as an analog signal. To digitize the signal, we sample f(t) every ∆t seconds to form the sequence Sn= f(n∆t). For example, sampling f every 1/10 second produces the sequence sin(1/10), sin(2/10), sin(3/10),... Suppose that the analog signal is given by

f(t) =sin(0.5*t)/t
Give the first 6 terms of a sampling of the signal every∆t = 0.5 seconds:(answer as a comma-separated list.)

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1 answer
  1. what, you can't just plug in the 6 values of t? Even after the explicit example given?

    No calculus needed here, just basic algebra!

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