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The ordered pairs represent a function (0,-1). (1,0), (2,3), (3,6), and (4,15)

a. graph the ordered pairs and describe the pattern. Is the function linear or nonlinear?

I said nonlinear.

b. Write an equation that represents the function.

I don't know what the slope would be, what I have right now is

Thank you!

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1 answer
  1. certainly not linear, slopes between pairs of points would have to be the same, --- they are not.

    Took differences in the y values up to the fourth difference columns. No constant

    so , no polynomial up to 4th degree.
    Not even Wolfram found an equation, when to least-fit equations.,-1),+(1,0),+(2,3),+(3,6),++(4,15)%7D

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