Mrs.Walters drove 360 miles on 25 miles of gas. Mr.Walter drove 480 miles on 32 gallons of gas. find the mileage per gallon of each car.which variable getting the better mileage per gallon.

Mrs Walters
360 / 25 mpg = 14 2/5 mpg

Mr Walters
480 / 32 mpg = 15 mpg

Mr. Walters car has better mileage per gallon.

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  4. Unit rate defined as the rate are expressed as a quantity 1 such as 3 miles per hour or 4 meter per seconds.

    As per the statement:


    Mrs. Walters drove 360 miles on 25 gallons of gas.

    By definition of unit rate:


    Therefore mileage per gallons for Mrs Walter's car is 14.4 miles per gallons


    Mr. Walter drove 480 miles on 32 gallons of gas.

    By definition of unit rate:


    therefore, mileage per gallons for Mr Walter's car is 15 miles per gallons.


    From the above data you can see that:

    15 miles per gallon > 14.4 miles per gallons

    ⇒ Mr Walter's car is getting the better mileage per gallon

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  14. hello! i just had this question and was a tad confused at first, so i'll explain what you need to do! Your gonna want to divide 360 by 25 first, then 480 by 32. Next is simple, just compare your answers. Which gives you a greater amount of mileage? If you having trouble doing the long divison here are the steps.
    The divisor (25) goes into the first digit of the dividend (3), 0 time(s). Therefore, put 0 on top
    Multiply the divisor by the result in the previous step (25 x 0 = 0) and write that answer below the dividend.
    Subtract the result in the previous step from the first digit of the dividend (3 - 0 = 3) and write the answer below.
    Move down the 2nd digit of the dividend (6)
    The divisor (25) goes into the bottom number (36), 1 time(s). Therefore, put 1 on top.
    Multiply the divisor by the result in the previous step (25 x 1 = 25) and write that answer at the bottom
    Subtract the result in the previous step from the number written above it. (36 - 25 = 11) and write the answer at the bottom.
    Move down the last digit of the dividend (0)
    The divisor (25) goes into the bottom number (110), 4 time(s). Therefore put 4 on top
    Multiply the divisor by the result in the previous step (25 x 4 = 100) and write the answer at the bottom
    Subtract the result in the previous step from the number written above it. (110 - 100 = 10) and write the answer at the bottom.
    The next one you can do on your own! I really hope this helped someone, goodluck with math this year, youve got this! <3

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  16. Mrs Walters
    360 / 25 mpg = 14 2/5 mpg

    Mr Walters
    480 / 32 mpg = 15 mpg

    Mr. Walters car has better mileage per gallon.

    that is all you need to finish your test and you have to find out how and why that is the answer, and you have to explain it your way

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  25. The FlattyKawa>3 is very helpful but if it is kinda confusing I did this

    So you do 360 divided 25 = 14.4 and then I did 480 divided 32 = 15 which means Mr.Walters gets better mileage per gallon. And to figure out who had better mileage you just compare the numbers and Mr.Walter had the better mileage

    I hope I helped. I have a great day!

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  47. Step by step: basically you have to divide: For mrs.walters: 360 & 25. Then for mr.walters: 480 & 32
    Answers to division: 14.4, 15
    Hope this helped!

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