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What did George Washington and Thomas Jefferson contribute in establishing a stable government after the adoption of the Constitution?

For Washington I have:
1) He became first president for 8 years
2) Proclamation of Neutrality protected Americans from war
3) Jay Treaty resulted in peace for a decade
4) He strongly believed in a strong central government

For Thomas Jefferson I have:
1) The Lousiana Purchase in 1803 (expanded America/ strengthened government)
2)Embargo Act of 1807 ( though failure it did provide Congress with future ideas of only setting embargo on Britain and/or France preceding War of 1812)

This is for an essay so I was wondering if I need better and more points. All help is truly appreciated!

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3 answers
  1. thomas jefferson doubled the size of usa

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  2. You should include G.W. putting down the whiskey rebellion

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  3. I like how people put answers here although this is from 2008 and he never got the help

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