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I'm stuck on the following questions

1)The geocentric model of the universe states that the Earth is the center of the universe. This is an example of a

A)scientific conclusion
C)scientific law***
D)Scientific method

Through process of elimination i know its not
I think it may be scientific law because this relates to keplers law

2.If the moon disappeared, what effect would this have on the Earth’s tides?

A)There would no longer be any tides.***
B)The tides would be much more dramatic.
C) Tides would not be as noticeable as they are now.
D)Tides would happen only once each year.

3.Asteroids in our solar system are

B)comet remains
C) found in an asteroid belt***
D)pieces of ice

4.Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A)If there is a high tide, there will be a low tide.
B) There can be two high tides in one location during a single day.
C)Only the oceans have tides.***
D)The sun is involved in producing tides.
(I'm taking an educated guess i don't really know this one all that well)

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2 answers
  1. 1. I disagree with you. People just assumed we were at the center. Partly religious

    2. agree

    3. agree

    4. I agree with you. A and B are obvious. D is the sun and moon working together to produce spring tides when the moon is full and new and neap tides when the moon s half moon waxing or waning.
    I suppose your bathtub has tides :), but suspect you need to get to something the size of a great lake to detect them and they are tiny there. Tides work very closely with topography to produce resonances in some estuaries like the Bay of Fundy.

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  2. thank you for that extensive explanation, that was rather helpful
    so for the first question you would say its B?

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