Which statement best explains the oversight function of congressional committees?

It protects the president from overreach by the Senate and the House.
It is one of the checks the legislative branch holds over the executive branch.
It prevents members of the majority party from steamrolling members of the minority party.
It ensures that the judicial branch interprets laws as the members of Congress intended.***

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  1. I disagree.


  2. Thanks.

  3. You're welcome.

  4. So..is it..b? Or am I still dumb :c

  5. What did you learn from the link I posted? Which is it? B or C?

  6. Oh..wow..

  7. I chose c first and second guessed meh self x-x

  8. Do you have some time to help me with some others? Or are you a bit busy?

  9. i believe it is B.

  10. I is b

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