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It took Everly 55 minutes to run a 10-kilometer race last weekend. If you know that 1 kilometer equals 0.621 mile, how many minutes did it take Everly to run 1 mile during the race? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

3.41 minutes
5.50 minutes
6.21 minutes
8.86 minutes***

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4 answers
  1. correct

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  2. could you help me with this problem? Jonah earned $5 more than half of Karen's salary, k. Which of the following expressions represents Jonah's earnings?
    one half(k + 5)***
    one halfk + 5
    one half + k + 5
    one halfk > 5

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  3. 5 more than x: x+5
    5 more than (half Karen's salary):


    Your answer is half of (5 more than Karen's salary).

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  4. 8.86

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