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A bucket containing cement has a mass of 3kg. One end of a rope is attached to the handle of the bucket and the other end is wound around a horizontally mounted cylinder on frictionless bearings. The mass of cylinder is 6kg and its radius is 0.10m. The moment of inertia of the cylinder is given by I=1/2MR^2, where M is its mass and R its radius. given that the bucket is released from rest , calculate

(i) the moment of inertia of the cylinder


(ii) the acceleration of the bucket
(iii) the tension in rope
(iv) rotational ke of cylinder after 5s

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2 answers
  1. the acceleration of the bucket is
    a=angular acceleartion of cylnder*radius
    3g*radius=1/2 m r^2*alpha
    solve for angacceleration.
    a= angacceleration*radiuscyclinder


    KE=1/2 I w^2
    where w=angacceleration*time

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  2. I agree that torque=I*ang_acc.
    But torque is not equal to 3g*radius but tension*radius. Do you agree with me bobpursley? Thanks.

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