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Could someone please help me find x in this problem and explain how you got the answer?

2(3x - 1) = 5 - (x + 3)

I checked the answer I got in the back of my algebra book and it said the answer was 4/7 but my answer was wrong. How did they get 4/7 out of this?

2(3x - 1) = 5 - (x + 3)

First get rid of the parentheses.

6x - 2 = 5 - x - 3

Get all the numbers on one side and the x terms on the other.

6x + x = 5 - 3 + 2


7x = 4

Now do you see how they got it?

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

Oooooooooh I gotcha. So whenever you have a minus/negative sign on the outside of the parentheses it just makes the entire the negative? So there isn't any distribution on that part...?

Yes, there is distribution...

-2(x+y -3z)=-2x-2y+6z

Bob Pursley has explained it very well. I remember this by this rule: when a negative sign precedes the parentheses, simply change the sign of each sign inside the parentheses. In the case of nested parentheses, I work from the inside out. Remove the inner most set of parentheses (leaving the sign of each sign inside the set of parentheses as is if the preceding sign is + but changing each sign inside if the set is preceded by a negative sign). Then combine terms and repeat, removing the innermost set of parentheses and combining terms, etc. until all is finished.

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