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Which of the following is not a polynomial ?

[A] x0 [B] x+y2 +3z -1+5a [C] 7 [D] 2a+ðx17-7p – 4p +a2 [E] None of these

i think it is C am i right?

first of a polynomial is An algebraic expression consisting of one or more summed terms, each term consisting of a constant multiplier and one or more variables raised to integral powers. For example, x2 - 5x + 6 and 2p3q + y are polynomials.An expression of two or more terms
[A] x0
[B] x+y2 +3z -1+5a
[C] 7
[D] 2a+ðx17-7p – 4p +a2
[E] None of these

WELL.. I think you are right the answer is C
good JOB!!!

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