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1. Which of the following is a common greeting in the Spanish speaking world?

a) ducharse
b) despedirse
c) pelearse
d) besarse ***
^^^ IDK because to say goodbye seems kinda correct too except it's not as much of a greeting?

2. Paco esta
a) durmiendo ***
b) dormiendo
c) durmando
d) duermiendo

3. Ayer Daniela ___ en el banco
a) esta
b) estuve
c) estuvo ***
d) estar

4. What does "se dan la mano" mean?
a) They shake our hand
b) They shake each other's hand ***
c) You shake their hand
d) We shake each other's hand

How do you say "The boys are serious"
a) Los ninos son serio ***
b) Los ninos son serios

Please check my answers. Thanks.

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2 answers

  1. Everything looks good, except for the last question

    b) Los ninos son serios (plural) (ninos=serios)

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  2. wich of the following is a common dessert in the spanish speaking world

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