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Ok so I realize this is a lot of questions, but if someone could at least just give me the general set up for each problem that would save my life!

In each of the four problem in this section, all gases are measured at the same temperature and pressure.

1) (a) What volume of hydrogen will combine with 12L of chlorine to form hydrogen chloride? (b) What volume of hydrogen chloride will be formed?
H2(gas) + Cl2(gas) -> 2HCl(gas)

2) (a) What volume of hydrogen will react with 6ft^3 of nitrogen to form ammonia? (b) What volume of ammonia will be produced?
N2(gas) + 3H2(gas) -> 2NH3(gas)

3) Sixty-four liters of NO are mixed with 40L of O2 and allowed to react. What is the total volume of gas present after completion of the reaction?
2NO(gas) + O2(gas) -> 2NO2(gas)

4) (a) What volume of O2 at S.T.P if required for the complete combustion of 1 mol of carbon disulfide, CS2? (b) What volumes of CO2 and SO2 are produced (also at S.T.P.)?
CS2(liquid) + 3O2(gas) -> CO2(gas) + 2SO2(gas)

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  1. questions 1-4: Law of Combining Gases,'s_law#Law_of_combining_volumes

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