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My General Paper teacher had given me a essay question,

it is an absolute preposition ('too much, too little') type of question

Question: There is too much equal treatment given to women in modern society. Do you agree?

I disagree to this extreme claim that there is too much, my stand is that there is an increase in equal treatment to women,

Equal treatment in employment, politics and education then,
Opposing viewpoint that in some countries percentage of women employed is slighty more than men,but salaries are alot lower
Then counter it

Conclusion: women enjoy equal rights but not too much

So can I write like this, I am abit confused on this type of question requirement, I need some help


First of all, "too much" and "too little" are not absolute. They are related to some (in this case, unmentioned) standard. Possibly you are considering "equal opportunity" as the standard?

In this case, not being given "equal opportunities" would be "too little" and being given more opportunities than men would be "too much." A higher percentage of women employed does not necessarily mean "too much" opportunity. Likewise, lower salaries do not indicate it either, unless they are matched according to the type of job and the amount of job experience โ€” two factors determining salaries that are not necessarily gender related. Once employed, job performance is another factor.

For more information, I searched Google under the key words "gender employment" to get these possible sources:

(Broken Link Removed)

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

You can mention how may are there female prime ministers and presidents in the world. Not every country gives the equal treatment to women. Countries in middle east put women inferior position. when they going out, they must be in the company of their bothers and husbands. they don't even cast a vote in an election despite being over the age of 21. In china, where one-child policy is practised, one female infants are abandoned.

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