Triangle ABC below is translated 1 unit right and 2 units down. What are the coordinates of the translated triangle?

Use arrow notation to write a rule for this translation.

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  1. Please help its super urgent

  2. No triangle shown.

  3. sorry about that its on brainly if you type this part on google Triangle ABC below is translated 1 unit right and 2 units I would just attach the url but it will not let me.

  4. wow @PsyDAG just wow... you make it seem like your gonna try to be the hero that helps the people who need it most then you just dont even bother because you most likely do not know what to do. Thanks for getting everybodys hopes up to crush them. Also OF COURSE THERE IS NO TRIANGLE WE CANT SHOW PICTURES ON THIS SITE!!! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT?!

  5. Dude, chill out. I got the triangle here:

    Point A: (1, 3)
    Point B: (4, 5)
    Point C: (3, 1)

    Have a nice day

  6. yes, but you didn't give us the answer answer. so, for all of you struggling students, here it is:
    A=(2,1) B=(5,3) and C=(4,-1) so, A went from (1,3) to (2,1), B went from (4,5) to (5,3), and C went from (3,1) to (4,-1). Thank me later.

  7. thank for the help Silverwing
    oh and math sucksssssss T^T

  8. ops i ment sucksss not sssssssss

  9. oof it wont gooo

  10. Thx @Silverwing! :3

  11. Thank you so much silverwing you are a lifesaver I am struggling so much in math right now and you helped me so much thank you

  12. ty...................................................................i hate math

  13. gonna try @Silverwing answer and I will let you guys know if it worked for me

  14. sheeeeeeeesh

  15. Thank you SilverWing! I haven't had time to study lately so this really helps! Thanks!

  16. Starfire I don't think I can agree with you on, this PsyDAG tried to help on this question but if you don't have good coordinates or even a little example written out, how will he know what to do to solve this question \(〇_o)/

  17. Its just a kid who let their feelings out on a learning website Lol, about to cry over them saying "No triangle shown"

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