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x-2 6x

____ - _____
3x+4 x+1
*You are supposed to simplify the expresion.I really need help with this and some other problems.Please and Thank you.-

Perhaps I could help but I can't make heads or tails of your posts.
Try using parentheses (and / bar for divisiion).

ok well can you please help then?

I am assuming your problem is this:

(x-2)/(3x+4) - 6x/(x+1)

Since you have two different denominators, you can't just subtract the two fractions. You will need to find a common denominator first. Just multiply the two denominators together and use that as a common denominator (that's the easiest way for most of these kinds of problems).

Common denominator is: (3x+4)(x+1)

Therefore, the problem becomes this:

(x-2)(x+1)/(3x+4)(x+1) - 6x(3x+4)/(x+1)(3x+4)

Note: If you reduce each fraction, you end up with the original problem.

Now since we have the same denominator for both fractions, we can combine the numerators:
[(x-2)(x+1) - 6x(3x+4)] / (x+1)(3x+4)

Expanding the numerator:
(x^2 - x - 2 - 18x^2 - 24x) / (x+1)(3x+4)

Note: Remember to watch signs when expanding the numerator.

Combine any like terms in the numerator:
x^2 - 18x^2 = -17x^2
-x - 24x = -25x

Now we have this:
(-17x^2 - 25x - 2) / (x+1)(3x+4)

Since we can't factor the numerator easily, we can let it stand as is. We cannot reduce this any further.

I hope this will help and is what you were asking.

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