Use the following description of an experiment to answer the questions.

A mixture was made of water and egg white (albumin). Upon heating, the mixture coagulated. The following tests were then performed on the coagulated mixture.
Test Tube 1 The mixture is added to trypsin and a pH buffer of 9.
Test Tube 2 The mixture is added to trypsin and bile.
Test Tube 3 The mixture is added to trypsin and a pH buffer of 3.
7. The three test tubes were placed in an incubator at 37°C for one hour. The experimenter observed that the egg white was absent in test tubes 1 and 2, but still present in Test Tube 3.
Complete the following.
a. Describe what happened to the egg white in Test Tubes 1 and Test Tube 2 to make it disappear.

Answer: It was mixed in with trypsin and bile, two elements which will cause the disappearance of the egg white. The first one, well the PH is too high, which cause it to disappear as well.

Describe the role of bile in this experiment based on the results.

Identify and describe another test that would provide evidence for the process being tested in the experiment


I am totlayy confused!

Bile is very alkaline, also.

You could do this same experiment on milk products

when you move the slide to the left, in what direction does the letter D appear to move

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  1. Wait a minute. Isn't the optimal pH for trypsin to work about 8, so the egg white disappeared because the protein is broken down because pH 9 is just about right. pH 3 is too acidic for trypsin. But I'm not sure about bile because its role is to emulsify fats gobules.

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