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In a mixed number or fraction problem, you have dividing and multiplying. Now if you were given a list of multiplying and dividing mixed number and fraction word problems, how can you tell the difference between multipling and divinding word problems.

It would be easier to answer, if you gave a specific example. You need to look for cue words like those given in capitals below.

How many times does 1/2 GO INTO 7 1/2? This indicates division. Change the expression of the mixed number and solve. 7 1/2 = 15/2

If a person could run 1 1/2 miles in 10 minutes, how far could he run in an hour? (Since an hour = 60 minutes, this is 6 TIMES 10 minutes.)

Although I cannot give you cues that will apply to all problems, I hope that this give you a good idea. Thanks for asking.

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