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I have a rectangular prism with a volume of 48 cubic feet and a height of 3/4 foot.

The base of the rectangular prism is not a square and the width is greater than 2 feet. What is the length and width of the rectangular prism?

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2 answers

  1. What is the volume of the box pictured below?

    A rectangular prism of length 3 and 1 over 2 feet, width 3 and 1 over 8 feet, and height 4 over 5 foot is shown.

  2. If the width is w, and the length is x, then

    w*x*(3/4) = 48

    wx = 64

    The only integer factors of 64 greater than 2 are 4,8,16,32

    So, the base of the prism must be

    Of course, if integer values are not required, any number greater than 2 will work as the width, as long as the length is 64/w.

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