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The questions asks to write a word equation and a balanced chemical equation for a reaction between aqueous copper (ii) sulfate and solid iron. Assume that iron forms the Fe2+ ion.) Include proper states of matter after each substance (s, l, g, aq).

Here is what I got ANSWER:

Copper (ii) sulfate (aq) + iron (s) --> iron sulfate (aq) + copper

CuSo4 (aq) + Fe (s) --> FeSO4 (aq) + Cu (s)

I'm sure that is right. Now i'm confused on the second part of the question which is...

QUESTION: Assuming 16.83 g of solid iron react with an aqueous solution of copper (ii) sulfate according to the above balanced chemical Equation. Calculate the THEORETICAL YIELD of COPPER produced.

So how do you do this??? I got lost.

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2 answers

  1. For every mole of Fe you used, you get a mole of FeSO4


    Mass feSO4=molesFeSO4*molmassFeSO4

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  2. So the theoretical yield is

    16.83 g Fe (s)
    ____________________________ x 100% =
    55.845 atomic mass of Fe

    = 30.14

    Now what do I do. Is that correct?


    151.908 g/mol = 1 mol FeSO4 x 151.908 ?
    Help please? Thankyou sorry this is long

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