Question #1: A basketball momentarily changes shape as it bounces off the floor. This is due to balanced forces acting on the ball.

a. true
b. false

According to what I have studied when balanced forces are on an object, that object doesn't move, but when unbalanced objects act on an object, it will cause it to move and change shape. So I think the answer is "b".

Question #2: A ball slowing down as it rolls across a carpet is an example of

a. balanced force
b. friction
c. inertia
d. zero net force

According to what I have studied "a" and "d" are incorrect. I think the answer is "b" because friction causes things to slow down.

Question #2: If the net force acting on a wooden object is 0 N, the shape of the object

a. will not change
b. changes permanently
c. changes temporarily
d. reacts to unbalanced forces

According to what I have studied the answer would be "a" since no force is acting on the object. And for that reason the object will not change or move

I don't know if I'm right.

Thank You

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  1. You are right on all three! Good work.

  2. Thanks Reed!

  3. 1. False
    2. B
    3. A
    4. A

  4. The Answers for the 2020 Connexus 6B Unit 3 quick check are:
    1. ) B. false
    2. ) B. friction
    3. ) A. The force of the soccer ball on the net
    4. ) A. Will not change
    5. ) A. It decreases the input force.
    I'm not kidding I'm honest. This is 5/5 100%
    Hope this helps <3

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